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An At Your Service Detective Agency Mystery: Book 2

Best friends Charla O’Hara and Nora Weston went with Charla’s mother and her red hat group for a Christmas vacation in Branson, Missouri.

After coming back from a Christmas show to their hotel located just outside of Branson, there was police activity. Someone had been stabbed to death. The little town of McCoyville only had a police department of six, two per eight-hour shift. They needed help since they have never had a homicide before, and the McCoyville PD knew of Charla and Nora’s experience with a high-profile serial murder case the girls just solved, so they asked for their help. Being private investigators, they didn’t hesitate to say yes, after all, they were already there. They figured out a way to split their time to investigate and attend all the Christmas shows with Charla’s mother.

Finally, the naked dead guy’s wife returned from a European cruise where she had more than an alibi. The wife, Irene Morris, wanted to find her husband’s killer also, so she hired Charla and Nora, which paid the two PI’s more than McCoyville PD could. The investigation took them to NY state to Spokane, Washington. They uncovered an elaborate murder scheme with numerous murderers.

Another Charla and Nora adventure with feisty, mouthy, fun characters with a naughty sexy flare.


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